Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blue Rhinestones Eyes Tutorial

Aloha beautifuls ;) 

This is the tutorial of blue rhinestone eyes. I do this as Januari Make Up Challange from Indonesian Beauty Blogger and Caring Colours with theme Glamorous New Year Party. Because I think glamorous is full with glitter and bling-bling, so I made this ;) 

Okaii lets do it :D

First, apply your favorite eye primer and the make a line on your eyelid with black eyeliner gel

Blend the line with matte black eyeshadow using flat shader brush 

Using blending brush, blend the matte black eyeshadow with matte brown eyeshadow to soften the line.
Leave the center of your eyelid empty

Apply white pencil eyeliner in the center of your lid

Apply blue eyeshadow on top of the white pencil eyeliner. The reason why we put the white pencil eyeliner first, is to make the blue shadow more appears

Put blue glitter liquid eyeliner, or blue glitter liquid eyeshadow, on top of the blue shadow

While wait for the liquid eyeliner or liquid eyeshadow dry, line your waterline with black kohl pencil and blend with black eyeshadow 

Shape your eyebrow 

Apply black liquid eyeliner

Put rhinestones or beads in the outer corner of the eyes. You can use eyelash glue to stick it 

Curl your lashes, mascara, false lashes for more drama 

Voila, and your done ;) 

 This is the full look

Hope this tutorial helpful and I love to see your comment below 

See you on my next post beautifuls :* 

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