Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year

Wow, I can’t believe now we are in 2014
I think the time goes by very fast :D

Like everyone else, I want to make a resolution. Hope in this new year, I will be a better person. Not only for me, but for family and for everyone.
Here is my new resolution :  

1.  Sleep early, and wakeup early

I love to sleep late. Especially when I sat in front of my laptop. I can spent many hours in front of my laptop. Open facebook page, youtube (looking for makeup tutorial), blogging, and arrange my online shop. It takes a lot of time. And usually I sleep in 2 am. The earliest I go to sleep is in 12 am. 

Because I sleep late, of course I wake up late. My mom usually wake me up in 5.45 am to make me doing subuh prayer, and then I go back to sleep *LOL*. And wake up again in 9 am. 

I know this is really a bad habit. Sleep late not only bad for your health, it’ also make you look older than your age, become your face to look pale, make under eye circle worst, and many more the bad effects, you will get by sleep late. 

So from now on, I try to sleep early, and wakeup early. I know it will be very hard to do, because it’s may bad habits for years, but I should change this to get a healthier life. Wish me luck ^^

2. Get my body back in 116 lbs 

In 2010, my weight is about 116 lbs (53 kilos). But now my weight is 143 lbs (65 kilos). My height is 5 feet 5 inch (165 centimeters). Some people talk to me that I’m not fat, based on my height. But some people (especially my family) said I’m fat. Hahhahaa

I’m not getting angry when they said I’m fat as long I’m comfortable with my body.
But now, when I realized my jeans size change from 30 into 34, my shirts, my dress, are not suit for me at all, I’m thinking to lose my weight. 

Not too drastic weight, or hoping get Miranda Kerr body (I know it’s only become in my dream :D), at least I can get my body back in 116 lbs. 

3. Exercise and Diet 
I know, hope lose weight without exercise and diet, it’s impossible. I don’t want to lose my weight by medicine. I don’t know are the medicine is safe for my body or not,  contains harmful ingredients or not, and something like that. 

Some medicine took by intra venous has effects to lose your fat. But in my opinion, I’m not only want to lose my weight, also I want to shape my body. So diet and exercise are the answer. I know everything has a process. So take it, enjoy it, never give up and see the result.

I had try Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. But I gave up in 10 days, hahhaa.. I should try Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred again, but do all the 30 days. Jillian really does a good job ;) 

And for diet, I had try intermittent diet. But because I have hypotension (my blood pressure is about 90/60 mmHg), I can’t do it. I always getting headache when I try this diet. I don’t say this diet method is not good. Many people has a great results by this diet. I’m only not suit for this diet because I have hypotension J
I want to try mayo diet, and something called calori cheating. Maybe I will explain it later in my next post if I do this diet :D

4. Nice dress up

My mom, my aunt, and my sister always told me to nice and be tiddy when I’m going out. As you know, I love to wear shirt, jeans, and sandals when I’m going. Hahhaa..
So in this new year, I will try to be nice and tiddy, not to be fashionable I think, but dress up and everyone look at me as a nice girl ;)

So that is my resolution for 2014. What about you beautifuls? ;) 



  1. Happy New Year!
    mind to follow each other?
    pls let me know :)

    1. salam kenal yunitaa..
      aq udah follow kamu, salam kenal yaa..
      and I will add your blog in my reading list ;)

      oh ya selamat yaa kepilih jadi grand finalis miss floral ^_^

  2. thanks for sharing Amanda!

    happy new year ya!
    list resolusinya aada 2 yang sama denganku:
    - sleep early ( for health ofc)
    - excercise and diet ( ini resolusi yang setiap tahun selalu!)

    moga-moga tahun ini resolusinya tercapai ya...aminnnn!

    anyway, enjoy reading ur blog!

    1. iyaa salam kenal ya imelda.. aq mampir kemaren ke blogmu kepincut sama eyeshadownya, hihiihi ^_^

      iya tapi udah tanggal 9 Januari, aq masih tidur telat. kmaren aja tidur jam 2 pagi. semoga beneran bisa sleep early :D

      seneng klo suka baca tulisan aq
      request tutorial yg essedo biru kmaren yaa.. hihihihii


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