Friday, February 28, 2014

Linda Transformation

Hi beautifuls

Yesterday, my besties Linda ask me to doing makeup on her. I'm so excited to try, hihihi... She is my besties since we're in elemenntary school. And now she is bride to be, the wedding party will be held next month, how time goes so fast :(

This smokey eyes I always doing in every kind of eyes shape. I think it's very easy. Because it's only need a black and brown matte eyeshadow. And here is her transformation, what do you think? ;)

thank you so much beautifuls to step by on my blog

PS : semoga acara nikahannya lancar sampai hari H ya dear. I will always pray the best for you :*


  1. hasil nya bagus aku suka! jadi keliatan beda tapi cantik :))

    1. makasih banyak imelda :*
      makeup kamu juga cakep2.. selalu keliatan glamor matanyaa ^^


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