Sunday, October 5, 2014

NYX Sex Bomb Palette Review. Swatches

Assalammu’alaikum beautifuls..

As you know, I won as first winner in Roosvansia’s giveaway. This giveaway Vani held feat NYX Olshop. Yeay. Alhamdulillah. And one of the gift is NYX Sex Bomb Palette. Let’s finds out this sexy palette ;) 


NYX Sex Bomb Palette comes in a plastic hard case. So don’t worry your eyeshadow will not comes into pieces if this palette fall accidentally.
NYX also give the guidelines how to create looks with these colors. This palette can use both in day and night.

This palette also comes with double ended sponge as the applicator to use these eyeshadow. 


This palette comes in six different colors and textures. Red matte, black shimmer, glitter cream, vanilla shimmer, taupe matte, and black matte. 


I make the swatches of these colors without any eye base. 

In my opinion, the colors are good even without eye base. The matte colors really easy to blend. The shimmer colors are a little bit hard to blend. I should blend it a couples times to make the colors appears and nicely. The glitter one for me, are quite hard to blend. I think the glitter color awesome for pad in the eyelid, to enchance the colors (: 

Overall, I think NYX is the only one palette, that comes in matte red inside it. I rarely see eyeshadow palette comes in red matte, but NYX has. Like it’s said : Sex Bomb, smokey with red eyeshadow are really sexy ^^ 

I try to make a sexy look in my sister, Tika, with this NYX Sex Bomb Palette, and chenge her to sexy vampire as an Inspire for Halloween look. Or you can click here for more details ;) 

Pros :

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in 6 colors : light, medium, and dark with different textures
  • Comes in red matte eyeshadow ^^ 

Cons :

  • The glitter cream color are quite hard to blend 

Price : Rp 135.000,- or about 13,5 USD

Can be bought at : NYX Olshop 

Buy again? Maybe, but I want in another series like Natural or Smokey :)

Thank you I hope this review helpful for you. I will see you again in my next post :* 


  1. wah warna2nya quite pigmented ya

    oya aku udah follow km
    keberatan nggak kalau follow back ?


    1. iyaa cintami, pigmented warnanya walaupun tanpa eyebase ^^
      aku udah follow kamu cantik
      makasih ya udah main-main ke sini :*


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