Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gouged Eye and Stitched Mouth

Assalammu’alaikum beautifuls..

In this post I will show you some gory pics, hihiihi..

I made gouged eye and stitched mouth to celebrate presidential election in Indonesia. Because I think it’s will be more fun if I do this pic as campaign for the elction. 

I ask everyone to don’t blinded their eyes, or don’t stiched their mouths. Don’t blinded eyes meaning to open eyes, and vote for the candidate you trust. Don’t stitched mouth meaning to vote, don’t keep your vote. Because your vote will mean a lot for a new change of Indonesia

I don’t have any special kit effects (I really want to, but the cost are so expensive), so I think for the alternate way, and finally I use food coloring for the fake blood :D

I think the gouged eye still like fake, but I love the result as this is the first time I make gory look, hehehee.. I hope I can do better next time ^^ 

 Thank you so much beautifuls for stop by in my blog, I will see you in my next post :* 

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