Friday, May 23, 2014

Masquarade Look

Asslammu’alaikum beautifuls..

I always adore masquarade, the beautifuls and the mysterious comes together. And hope if I will going to masquerade ball someday, hihihii..

So I decided to make the masquaradee using eyeliner. And yes I love the result so much. Although the eyeliner are a little bit smudge in my left cheeks, I still love it :D

I hope I can make another design of the masquerade next time, and share the pictures here.

I make this masquarade look to joining Mizzu Challenge. You can see all my creations here. Of course I'm using Mizzu eyeliner to create this masquarade. You can check the review here and here . 
I hope you like and love the masquerade, as much as I do. Leave me comment bellow if you a masquerade lover just like I do ;) 

See you in my next post beautifuls :*

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