Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Balm Mary Lou Betty Lou Cindy Lou Swatches

Assalammu’alaikum beautifuls..

In June,2014 The Balm Indonesia with Plaza Senayan did The Balm Photo Contest. The participant only have to go to The Balm counter in Plaza Senayan, and taking pictures with Cindy Lou and another The Balm favorites products of yours. This contest hold to celebrate launched of The Balm Cindy Lou in Indonesia. 

The winners of this photo contest will get free invitation to The Balm Beauty Gathering as the poster below. 

And yes, I’m so interested to join. And I took some pictures of my The Balm favorites products, and I want to share to you beautifuls ;) 

And in this post, I want to talk about The Lou’s sisters.. yihaa…

Meet the Lou’s sisters : Mary Lou, Betty Lou, and their new sister Cindy Lou. 

Mary Lou 

I adore Mary Lou so much since I saw Michelle Phan using Mary Lou in one of her videos. And most of beauty guru using it and said Mary Lou is the best highlighter ever. Mary Lou is my wish list for along time, and I’m so happy when I (finally) get it. Horaayyy..

Mary Lou is a highlighter. Perfect for highlight anything you want to show on your face. I’m using Mary Lou for highlight my bridge of nose, and my cheek bones. You can also using Mary Lou for inner duct of your eyes to give them shimmering effects. 

Mary Lou has a yellow-shimmer-toned, but when you apply it in your face, it’s saturated in your skin tones, and will no looks like yellow anymore. I have tried Mary Lou, and I’m agreed that Mary Lou is the best highlighter ever. 

Betty Lou 

Meet Betty Lou. Second sister of the Lou’s sister. If Mary Lou is a highlighter, so Betty Lou is a bronzer. She has bronze-gold-shimmer. Perfects for you if you are trying to find bronzer to make your skin look like tanned glow. Love it. 

Also, you can use Betty Lou below your cheek bones, to create illusion of deep cheek bones. 

Cindy Lou 

And Cindy Lou is the youngest of The Lou’s sister. She is a highlighter, also you can use as eyeshadows and blush too. Cindy Lou has a rose-shimmer-tone. So it’s perfect if you are want to create a glowy cheeks. 

Swatches :

What I love about these Lou’s sisters are, they have buttery creamy textures. Glind and blend easily in your face. You don’t have to using brush when apply them. 

I got my Mary Lou, and plan to get the other two. For me, buy this Lou’s sister just like a best investment for your makeup. Hihihi..

Check out my other swatches and first impression of another The Balm products : Bahama Mama, Time Balm, and Put It On Lid
Thank you so much beautifuls for stop by, I will see you soon in my next post :* 

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