Monday, July 14, 2014

Revlon Super Lustruos Lipstick Ginger Rose & Pink in the Afternoon Review, Swatches

Assalammu’alaikum beautifuls.. 

As I talk in my last post, I’m not a lipstick lover. Because I have very dry lips. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick is my favorite all of time. I’m using it every time, in most of my blog post. 

Packaging : 

You can see how I love so much of these lipstick. The black colors in the package is little bit disappears, because I put this lipstick everywhere. In my train case, in my bags, and in my pouch. 

Ginger Rose 

Pink in the Afternoon 

Swatches : 

The shade is Ginger Rose and Pink in the Afternoon. Ginger Rose like a nude-brown, and Pink in the Afternoon like nude-pink. 

Textures :

These lipstick has creamy texture. As you swatch in the lips (or hands) the colors still creamy, not sheer. Perfect for creamy lipstick lovers without sheer in the finish.
For my dry lips, these lipstick are the perfect match. I loveeee so much. This lipstick not make my dry lips become drier, or make my lips look like clumpy. 

Price :

I bought it in Revlon counter for Rp 33.000, - (about 3,3 USD), and I think it’s very cheap. A very good quality lipstick with a cheap prices. 

Swatch in me : 

You can see, I always using this lipstick in most of my blog post. 

Ginger Rose

Pink in the Afternoon 

Repurchase : YES YES YES !!

Have you tried this awesome lipstick? Let me know your favorite shade :) 
Thank you so much beautifuls for stop by in my post. Hope you like it. See you in my next post :*

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