Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Balm Time Balm First Impression

Assalammu’alaikum beautifuls..

In June,2014 The Balm Indonesia with Plaza Senayan did The Balm Photo Contest. The participant only have to go to The Balm counter in Plaza Senayan, and taking pictures with Cindy Lou and another The Balm favorites products of yours. This contest hold to celebrate launched of The Balm Cindy Lou in Indonesia.

The winners of this photo contest will get free invitation to The Balm Beauty Gathering as the poster below. 

And yes, I’m so interested to join. And I took some pictures of my The Balm favorites products, and I want to share to you beautifuls ;) 

Face primer, for me, it’s the second important things after eye primer. Because your face it’s like canvas. And you need your canvas flawless to create beautifuls paintings. Face primer helps you to create flawless canvas a.k.a your face. 

The Balm offers Time Balm as their face primer.
First I squeeze it from the tube, I think it’s look like liquid. But no, it’s like gel. And when I blend it, it’s blended easily. So much love.

And what I feel after I applied Time Balm, my skin touched very soft like a baby skin. Super wow. Love it <3 nbsp="" span="">

I think Time Balm it’s a great options for face primer. 

I also make swatched of Bahama Mama, Put It On Lid, and The Lou’s sisters

Thank you so much beautifuls. Hope this help if you are looking for great face primer, and you can add Time Balm to your list. 

See you in my next post beautifuls :* 

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