Monday, July 21, 2014

The Balm Put It On Lid First Impression

Assalammu'alaikum beautifuls.. 

In June,2014 The Balm Indonesia with Plaza Senayan did The Balm Photo Contest. The participant only have to go to The Balm counter in Plaza Senayan, and taking pictures with Cindy Lou and another The Balm favorites products of yours. This contest hold to celebrate launched of The Balm Cindy Lou in Indonesia. 

The winners of this photo contest will get free invitation to The Balm Beauty Gathering as the poster below. 

And yes, I’m so interested to join. And I took some pictures of my The Balm favorites products, and I want to share to you beautifuls ;) 

And here is The Balm Put It On Lid 

It’s an eye primer. And yes I think eye primer is the important things in eyes makeup. Because it’s create your eyeshadow more vibrants and more stay long in eyelids. The Balm offers this eye primer, let’s find out are this eye primer worth to try ;)

The consistency of this eye primer are light, and very easily to blend. I try this with matte brown eyeshadow from Meet Matte palette. As you can see, this eye primer makes eyeshadow more pigmented, love it. 

Like all of The Balm products, this eye primer are awesome. I always fall in love with every products their have, and plan to have it one – by – one :D

If you are curious of the swatches in another products, like The Lou’s sisters, BahamaMama, or Time Balm, you can check it by click of them. 

Thank you so much beautifuls. Hope this swatches helpful for you ^^ 

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