Monday, July 7, 2014

Mizzu Chrome Gel Eyeliner Metallic Blue Review, Swatches

Asslammu’alaikum beautifuls..
Just like I post before, I created some looks to join Mizzu Challenge from Mizzu Cosmetics. But unfortunately I didn’t win, hihihii..

But Mizzu Cosmetics sent me an eyeliner as a gift to participate in their challenge. And this is what I got : Mizzu Chrome Gel Eyeliner shade Metallic Blue 

They have 8 shades of this eyeliner. Black, brown, green, blue, white, gold, silver, and pink. I hope I will have all of the shades :D

Packaging :

It’s a brilliant idea I think, to create gel eyeliner in the pencil. If I compare from pencil, kohl, liquid, and gel, gel eyeliner is the best concentrated colors from the other. 

But, most of cosmetics brands put the gel liner in the pot, and you have to use brush to apply it. Sometimes, using brush comes a little bit tricky. Also in me. So, put the gel in pencil, it’s a brilliant idea. You got the concentrated, but it’s easy to use just like pemcil. Love it!!

As you can see, you will know when this eyeliner will expired, because the expired date shows in the cap. And mine is August 2016. So long, yeayy… so I can make this eyeliner for two years. 
But I think I will use this frequently, and I will repurchase again before the expired date :D

It comes with a cap, so you will not worry if this eyeliner transfer to everywhere ( or in Indonesia is ga usah takut eyelinernya bleberan kemana-mana :D )

And if you are curious, this Mizzu Chrome Gel made in German. It’s wrote in the pencil :) 
Swatches : 

Love the rock blue >,<

Staying power : 

Mizzu claim that this chrome gel eyeliner is waterproof. Let’s test it ;) 

For the first, I try to smudge it. And yes, the liner smudge perfectly. Easy to smudge, easy to blend. Love. You can use this eyeliner as eyeshadow too. Two combos!

And then I flow the waters in my hand. As you can see the colors are still strong and stay.
Again, I try to smudge it, the colors still stay and still strong, only disappear a little bit. Waww >,<

In this picture, I use Mizzu eyeliner pen black in my upper lash line, and Mizzu chrome gel blue in my lower lashline. The colors like shimmer because the effects of blitz from the camera. 

Pros : 

  • Reasonable price ( Rp 45.000 - Rp 55.000, its about 4.5 USD - 5.5 USD)
  • Smudge easily, blend easily
  • Waterproof
  • Double use as eyeshadow
  • The colors are so concentrated
  • 8 shades to choose

 Cons : 
  • Can bought only from Mizzu distributor, not available in cosmetics store

Repurchase : 


Thank you so much beatifuls to stop by in my blog. I hope this review helpful, and I will see you in my next post :*

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  1. Aku rasa km mengartika kata smudge berbeda dengan arti kata yg seharusnya deh, krn smudge itu cemot and it's not a good thing. Smudge easily brati gampang cemot, alias klo dinbuat ucek2 mata bakalan cemot semua


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