Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mizzu Eyeliner Pen Black & Brown Review, Swatches

Assalammu’alaikum beautifuls..

Eyeliner, is one of important things in eye makeup. Who doesn’t love eyeliner? Everyone loves it. 

There are so many varian of eyeliner. Pencil, kohl, pen, liquid, and gel. For me, eyeliner must be : smudgeproof, waterproof, easy to use, and of course cheap. LOL. At least, not cheap really means cheap, but there is quality compare to the price. But I think this Mizzu eyeliner pen it’s really cheap (in price), and have a good quality.

I have bought in in shade black, and make the review here in Indonesia language. I’m a type of person, if I like one product, I will buy again but in another colors. Not only makeup products, but also in clothes. So I have some clothes, with same design, only different in colors, hihihii..
And in this post, I will make the review and swatches of both of these Mizzu eyeliner, black and brown (Mizzu only has it in two shades). 

Packaging : 

You can see decription of this eyeliner from the packaging, the weight ( 2 ml), produced and distributors of Mizzu, and the ingredients. 

If you take the eyeliner outside, you can see this eyeliner sealed. So you will be not afraid if this eyeliner has been trying before, or the colors dry out. Some people whose bought this eyeliner from me, always asking when the eyeliner expired. 

The expired date doesn’t show in the package, but I think because this eyeliner like marker, kind a felt tip eyeliner, the eyeliner will expired about 3-6 month after you open the seal. So as long as you don’t open the sealed, you will not worry about the expired date. And also I think it’s not like another products, expired in this eyeliner will make this eyeliner dries out, because the applicator is felt tip. Just like the marker :) 
I was shocked when I know this eyeliner has a fake version. What? This eyeliner is very cheap (Rp 25.000,- about 2.5 USD), and has a company make the fake version? It’s so cruel I think. 

I just want to show you how to differentiate the original and the fake one. Mizzu eyeliner original has the label of the produced and distributor, stick in their eyeliner pen. I can’t make a compare, because I don’t have the fake eyeliner. But I just want to tell you to more aware of 
the fake one. 

Applicator : 

As I mention before, this eyeliner like a marker. Has a felt tip, and yes so easy to use. Even for beginners in eyeliner. You can choose the thickness of your eyeliner as you like. 

Swatches : 

Staying Power : 

First, I smudge the eyeliner. The colors still show. 

An then I try to test are these eyeliners waterproof, I flow the waters in my hand. And then I absorb the waters with tissues. The colors still show, nothing disappears. 

After that I try to smudge it again. The colors a little bit disappears, but what I like, the colors didn’t transferred everywhere. So if you use this eyeliner, and then rain comes, your eyeliner still stay in place, not going everywhere :D

And the I smudge it again, the colors gone, but it didn't transfered everywhere. Love! 

Pros :

  • Cheap
  • Waterproof
  • Smudgeproof
  • Easy to use

Cons :

  • Only can buy from Mizzu distributors
  • Sometimes the felt tip can be leaky, just like the markers 

Repurchase :

Of course yes. I have repurchased 3 times. My favorites eyeliner ;) 

Thank you so much beautifuls. I hope this review helpful for you, see you in my next post :* 


  1. haii salam kenal
    mau tanya, beli mizzu yg ori dimana ya?
    ada recomendasi kah?
    mau beli di online takut fake -_-"
    suka deh baca blog kmu
    jd nambah deh pengetahuan ttg makeup :D

    1. Halo Nurlita.. Salam kenal juga yaa :)
      Waktu itu aku beli Mizzu eyeliner di reseller Mizzu nya langsung, di instagram namanya @Simple_Shop . Semoga membantu ya :*

      Waaah Alhamdulillah kamu suka sama blog aku, makin semangat niih aku nulis nya. Terus main ke sini ya Nurlita ^^


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