Sunday, July 20, 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge July 2014

Aloha beautifuls..

This post I decided to Join Indonesian Beauty Blogger ( IBB ) Make Up Challenge, and the theme is super fun " PLAYFUL SUMMER". And for this challenge, IBB was sponsored by The Face Shop Indonesia. Wawww super fun >,<

And because this makeup challenge called "PLAYFUL SUMMER", the key words for this look are summer, playful, and fun.

Actually, I want to rest my face for makeup, for at least one month. Because I have oily - acne prone skin, so my face are really easy to get acne when I'm not remove and clean makeup properly. But this make up challenge change my mind, hihihhii..

Awwwwwww.... It's time to play in SUMMER...

There will be 2 winners from this challenge, and get The Face Shop Indonesia products, include in CC cream, gel nail polish, lipstick, and eyeshadow worth to Rp 750.000,- ( I know, you will love and want them, just like I do :D ) 

For more information about IBB make up challenge, you can click here 

 Oh ya, one rules for this make up challenge, you should follow and like all The Face Shop Indonesia social media account. And capture it, also put them in the blog post, as the proof :)

I like The Face Shop Indonesia facebook fanspage 

I follow The Face Shop Indonesia in twitter

I follow The Face Shop Indonesia in Instagram

I add as friend The Face Shop Indonesia in Kakao Talk

For this look, firstly I want to draw beach scene in my eyelid. Because the theme is "PLAYFUL SUMMER". But I think I want to something bright, something colorful, something fresh, and something wearable in the summer, so I decided to make this look.

I choose dark blue for my veil and blouse, to present the blue beach aqua. Yellow eyeliner to present the sunny bright. For lips I choose bright pink fuschia. Because I want a bright, cheerful, and fresh for the summer. For nail polished, I mix yellow and pink for this look, to match with the eye and lips.

Also, I make this look very simple. Because I hope everyone can try this look. And I think this look very wearable for summer ^^

PS : if you find my photo and angle are weird, please forgive me. Because it's so hard to take selfie, but also want to show your nail polish colors :D

Don't forget to wearing your sunglasses in this sunny day ^^ 

This is beautifuls my submission. I hope you like it. Wish me luck. And yes, stay beautiful


  1. Yellow pink.. pretty♥

    Good luck yaa..

  2. Warna hijabnya cool,, goodluck ya (^^)

    1. hihihihi.. makasih banyak lisha...
      good luck juga buat lisha ^^


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