Thursday, August 21, 2014

NYX Eye Base White & Pearl Review, Swatches

Assalammu’alaikum beautifuls..

I love play makeup, especially with eyes makeup. Because for me, eye is the most import things to change totally look of someone when we did makeup on her/him. And because of that, eye primer or eye base is the basic to create stunning eye makeup. Because eye base will make your eyeshadow more vibrant and more pigmented. Also, stay long in the eyelids.

A couple months ago, I really love matte eyeshadows. So I bought NYX eye base white. Because I want my eyeshadow to more vivid. I have review this NYX eye base white here, in Indonesia language. 

Last month I think for some glamour, I want my eyeshadows to look shimmer, for extra glamour effects, so I bought NYX eye base in pearl. Because NYX claimed that this eye base is formulated for pearly-look. 

And in this post I want to make compare of these two NYX eye base 

Package : 

NYX Eye Base White 

For 100x more vivid color

NYX Eye Base Pearl 

For 100 x more brightening effect

Maybe if you are noticed, you can see the cover of these eye base are differents. My NYX eye base white is made in PRC and my NYX eye base pearl made in Korea. 

These pot contains of 7 gr of each eye base. I think it’s really much enough. Because I just need a little swab to apply these products in my lids to get the effects. 

Textures : 

NYX eye base white, has white textures. Because if you want to create something vivid, you need a white color as your based scene. And I think that’s why NYX created this white eye base.

NYX eye base pearl, also has white texture, but when it glides in your skin, you can see the pearls ffects appears. I saw any review about this eye base, and said if you put the eye base too much in your eyelids, your eyelids will looks like a disco ball. Oh no. I’m so afraids. But I brave my self to buy and try on my self. 

When I try and apply in my hand, I don’t think the same. The pearls effects nice, and didn’t like too much. I think it’s perfect. 

Swatches : 

I tried to compare the NYX eye base white and pearl with shimmer and matte eyeshadows to test the effects of each eye base. First, I tried to swatch purple shimmer eyeshadow from BH Cosmetics 120 colors 2nd edition palette over these eyebase. This purple colors are pigmented without any eye base. But what happened if we try on these eye base? Let’s take a look. 

As you can see, the purple shimmer eyeshadows are pigmented without any eye base. But, with NYX eye base pearl, the colors looks more show. With NYX eye base white, the colors look more show, but the shimmer effect not much when it apply without base or apply on NYX eye base pearl. 

Secondly, I tried to swatch these sea-blue eyeshadow with a little bit of shimmer effects over of these eyebase. Also from BH Cosmetics 120 color 2nd edition palette. 

The result : without any eye base, the colors of sea-blue eyeshadows are still appears. but with these two NYX eye base the colors become pigmented. With NYX eye base white, the sea-blue eyeshadows look more pigmented and matte. With NYX eye base pearl, the sea-blue eyeshadows look more pigmented and more shimmery.

And then, the last I tried to swatch matte yellow and matte orange eyeshadow over these eyebase again. This eyeshadow still from BH Cosmetics 120 color 2nd edition palette.

For yellow colors : I think for the yellow colors, these eye base not make a huge differents about the pigmentation. But with NYX eye base white, the yellow look more deep, and with NYX eye base pearl, the yellow colors has shimmery effects.

For orange colors : without any eye base, the orange colors is appears. But with NYX eye base white, the colors become sooo pigmented and matte. With NYX eye base pearl, the colors become sooo pigmented and has shimmer effects. Waw!

Price : Rp 150.000,-  (about 15 USD) in NYX makeup counter 

Pros :

  • NYX eye base white perfect to make more vivid colors
  • NYX eye base pearl perfect to make more pearls colors
  • Easy to blend
  • Netto 7 gram, and for me it’s really much enough, and can use for a long time
  • A good investment for eye base

Cons :

  •  A little bit pricey if you are new in makeup

Conclusion :
Did I recommend these eye base? Yes! I love the effects of each of them. And I think only NYX that has eye base with different function beside to enhance the colors of eyeshadow it’s self.

Thank you so much beautifuls to stop by in my post. I will see you soon :* 


  1. ini eyebase pertama aku... beli satu aja lamaaa banget abisnya :)

    btw, aku follow blogmu ya,.. mau follback kah ?

    1. iya nisa.. aku juga belum tau kapan habisnya, hihihi.. banyak banget abisnya :D
      udah aku follow yaa..
      terimakasih udah main di blog aku :)

  2. Kyknya si oearly itu bisa merubah esedo apa aja jadi blink blink yah, aku penasaran mau beli dari dulu

    1. iya esy.. kayanya fungsinya yg pearly selain sebagai eye base, karena ada efek pearly nya, jadi bisa bikin jadi bling-bling semua eyeshadownya..

  3. Pengen beli tapi masih bertahan dengan base dari viva.hehe

    1. aaahh iya hani..
      aku juga kepengen nyobain viva, kalo mau beli di toko kosmetik pasti kosong :(


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