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BH Cosmetics Palette120 color 2nd edition review swatches

Assalammu’alaikum beautiful.. 

In this post I want to share, review and swatches of my first eyeshadow palette ever “BH Cosmetics 120 color 2nd edition”.
When I start loving makeup and beauty things, I googled for a long time, which eyeshadow should I have as a beginner? Of course of that, I want a good quality of eyeshadow, large selection of colors, and the price still in my reach.

After googling, search for the review, I fall into this palette eyeshadow. The reason why I bought it are :
It’s has a very wide selection of colors. From nude to bold, from bright to neon, from matte to shimmer.
The price in BH Cosmetics is 29,95 USD (but they always have discount offers). But I bought it here, in Indonesia, from one of online shop that sells BH Cosmetics palette for Rp 400.000,- (about 40 USD), but if I calculated, the price of every single eyeshadow only Rp 3.333,- (about 0.33 USD). So I think it’s really cheap. 

 From many review I read, this palette has a pigmented colors although without any eye base or primer.
It’s takes me a long time to make a post about this palette, because I want to make the swatches are very clear and detail. Swatches all the 120 colors are really need time ^^ 

BH Cosmetics has 5 version of their 120 colors palette. 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 4th edition, and 5th edition. Mine is 2nd edition. The different of the mixture of each palette, I show you below. 

1st edition
The eyeshadow palette with brightest colors from matte into shimmer. 

2nd edition
BH Cosmetics said the 2nd edition just like the 1st edition, but has twice amount of the neutral shade.
Why I bought the 2nd edition? Honestly, I want to buy the 1st edition, because I want bright and neon eyeshadow. But the 1st edition is out of stock, so I choosed the 2nd edition one. 

 3rd edition
Mixture of matte and shimmer in some bright colors, many pastels and cool-toned colors.

4th edition
Mixture of ultra-shimmer right, neutral, and cool-toned shades. It’s all shimmer eyeshadow!

5th edition
Contains warm and neutral shades, including earthbound shimmer and matte colors of smooth brown and golds, and feminime pinks and purples. 

So how this eyeshadow palette are really good as my first eyeshadow? Let’s take a look 

Packaging : 

This palette comes with a black cartoon with an explanation of the product, how to apply, and a description of the ingredients in the back. If you are still asking yourself, which country is BH Comsetics made from, BH Cosmetics is designed in California, but this palette is made in China.
This palette has a black case, with a thick material. Comes into two trays, with each tray has 60 colors to choose. There is a mirror too in this case.  

The colors :

As you can see, each raw of the colors comes in one based colors contains 6 colors variation. Like orange, there is matte orange, shimmer orange, lightest orange, and darkest orange.

Swatches : 

I did the swatches for each raw of color without any eye base. 
As you can see, the matte of the bright eyeshadows are not really pigmented. Need an eye base to give it an extra pop. But the dark and neon colors especially with shimmer, are really awesome. 

Pros :

  • Reasonable price for 120 colors, also BH Cosmetics always offer discount.
  • Has a wide selection of colors
  • All the dark and neon colors, especially with shimmer, have a really awesome pigmented colors
  • Easy to blend
  • Has hard case, you will not afraid if the case fall, and all your eyeshadow will broken. 

Cons :

  • The bright-matte eyeshadow colors are not really pigmented
  • Look like same in swatch for some colors 
  • Not available in Indonesia, you can buy from online shop that sell BH Cosmetics products. Also you can buy directly to their website, but the shipping cost is very expensive to Indonesia if you only buy one palette. 

Recommended ? YES. I love this eyeshadow palette. And I glad I have it. This palette makes me really creative. I can create anything that needs much variation of colors. I will post soon all of my work with this awesome palette. 

Repurchase? I still don’t know when my palette get hit pan. Because the colors are so much, 120 colors. And I still explore the palette. So I don’t know when I will repurchase. 

Conclusion :
Actually, it depends on your need, when you decided to buy eyeshadow. Some people love the neutral colors, and the other love the neon one. Some people love the matte colors, and some people love the shimmer one. But, if you are new in makeup (just like me), and need lot of variation of eyeshadow color, this palette perfect for you. 

So this is all beautiful of my thought, review, and swatches of this BH Cosmetics 120 color 2nd edition. I hope you enjoy the swatches. Love you, and I will see you in my next post :* 


  1. aiiisshhh suka sama shade ungu & pinknya...120 cukup untuk makeup berbulan2, hehehe,,,,jadi tertarik pengen beli palette ini dech ;-) great review

    1. aah iya Ehara. ini warna-warna yang bold ungu, pink, biru, sama hijaunya cakeep banget. terutama yang shimmer >,<

      iya 120 warna bisa buat dipakai lama, hihiihi..
      makasih ya sudah mampir ke sini :*

  2. Wow what a complete swatches *-*
    They all look so nice ♥
    Kapan abisnya nih XD

    1. aah shelvie mampir di blog aku *___*
      makasih yaa shelvie :*
      iyaaa aku juga bingung kapan abisnya, yg hit pan juga belum ada. hihihii :D


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