Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oriflame LA STHML Palette Review

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It’s 2pm and I’m still awake >.<
I don’t know why. I don’t take nap in the afternoon, but still I can’t go to sleep early. I think my “new year resolution” it’s failed L
Anyway, this is Oriflame LA STHML Palette. This palette launched to celebrate Oriflame 25th Anniversarry. I bought this Rp 300.000,- (about 30 USD). Let’s take a look what this palette bring. 

 This palette came with satin blue bag. I think it’s very cool. And make the palette look elegant.

Also, there is a leaflet on how to create the look from this palette. Day look, evening look, and romantic look. And an explaining which eyeshadow or blush you should use from this palette to create each look by the number. 

This palette has 18 eyeshadows, 3 blushon, 2 compact powder, shading, highlight, 5 lipgloss, and 6 lipstick. Also 3 brush applicator for face, eyes, and lips. 

The eyeshadows

18 eyehshadows contains matte and shimmer. I love how the shimmer looks very bright even without a primer. Here is the swatches of the eyeshadow. 

 Without Flash

With Flash 

Without Flash

Shading and Highlight 
Not like another palette, this palette came with shading and highlight. Make you have one palette ready to go. I love the highlight, but for the shading, I think the colors very subtle on my skin face. When I applied it for the first name, it’s like there is no shading on my face.

Without Flash
 With Flash

The Blush 
3 blush come with two shimmer and matte one. Here is the swatches. I love the blush with shimmer. I think it will make your face glowing instantly. 

Without Flash 

With Flash 

Lip Gloss
Even there is 4 colors of the lip gloss, the colors are transparent. No matter which lip gloss you will use, the effect just one : glossy without colors 

Without Flash 

With Flash  

All of these lipstick have creamy texture. Not pigmented. And I think it will be like lip gloss dan lipstick. When applied the lipstick on my dry lips, my lips become worst. I suggest to use lipbalm first for dry lips, before applied these. 

Without Flash 

With Flash  

Overall, I’m so happy with these palette except the lipsticks. The eyeshadow, the blush, shading and highlight are very ok with me.

Pros :
- Ready to go palette. Contains eyeshadow, blush, compact powder, shading, highlight, lispticks, lip gloss

Cons : 
-Only can buy from Oriflame members
Will I suggest to buy this palette? I think YES. For a newbie in makeup, this palette worth to try and you can play with ;) 

Update April, 20 2014 

Here is Makeup Of The Day (MOTD) using this palette. I take this photo in the night. I choosed bold lips color because I try to make night look makeup. And I love this palette so much. You can see the shading, the highlight, and the blush very beautiful in my cheek. It's original photo. I'm not photoshopped this photo. I'm only marking this photo with my name. And yess I really really love it :* 

Thank you beautifuls for ready my post


  1. Kayanya di tas makeup kamu banyak banget yah produk oriflame.hihihi..
    Nice review ^^

    1. hahhhaaa.. iya hani itu rata2 isinya oriflame semua >,<
      makasih hani ;)

  2. Pgn bgt punya ini 😆
    Tapi skrg udah gak ada yaa 😐


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