Monday, March 3, 2014

Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick Vintage Rose Review

Hello beautifuls 

Today I want to review about my favorite lipstick, hihihii..

Actually I’m not a lipstick lover. Because my lips are very dry, so it’s very hard for me to find “soulmate” for my lips. And because I’m a nude lovers, almost of my lipstick are in nude colors. 

 This is Oriflame Pure Colors lipstick in shade “Vintage Rose”

Oriflame has two version of this pure colour lipstick. Mine is mini size, the weight only 2.5gr. And the other one bigger and the weight 4gr. Both of these lipstick has same shade, but the bigger one is more shimmery.

The texture are creamy and shine, and the colors itself not really pigmented. When it’s swatch on my hand, the colors like shiny brown, but when on my lips the colors like shiny pink. 

Without flash
 With flash 

It’s really easy glide on my lips, although my lips are dry. But this isn’t a long lasting lipstick. When you drink or eat, the colors will disappear. 

Bare lips 

Swatch on my lips without flash  

Swatch on my lips with flash  

sorry for the facial hair :( I plan to wax my facial hair, but I'm still afraid to try

I love it because it’s only Rp 15.000 (about 1.5 USD) when Oriflame has discount. 

Pros :
-Travel-friendly size 

Cons :
-Not long lasting
-Only can buy from Oriflame members 

Repurchase ? Absolutely yes. For 1.5 USD lipstick, it’s worth to try. And you can use it every day, from casual into formal, the shiny pink will not go wrong with you ;) 

Thank you ladies for stop by in my post. Love

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