Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Pink Please and Red My Lips Swatches

Asslammu’alaikum beautifuls..

Actually, not like another girls, I’m not a lipstick lover. I only have less than 20 lipsticks, and I think 20 is a very little number if compare to another beauty blogger.  

First, I have very dy lips. it’s make me bored because not every lipstick suitable in my lips. some of them make my lips become drier, or make my lips clumpy, errr..
And because I have dry lips, I didn’t use lipstick everyday. Believe me or not, I only use lipstick if I have to go in beauty blogger events, or have a shoot for my post. LOL. 

When Maybelline Indonesia launched they new series called “COLOR SHOW” I want to make it a try on my lips. 

I bought this Maybelline Color Show Lipstick on shades Pink Please and Red My Lips for about Rp 30.000 ( 3 USD) each.

The packaging : 

Texture : 

These lipstick have a creamy texture, and when I try to swatches in my hands, they have a little bit of sheer effects. 

Just like all creamy texture lipstick, this will be not long-lasting lipstick. But I think creamy lipstick is a super safe-comfortable lipstick for dry lips. 

Swatches : 

In my lips : 

Pink Please

Red My Lips 

Are these lipstick suitable in my lips? yes. My lips didn't look clumpy, and didn’t make my lips look drier. 

Pros :

  • Cheap
  • Suitable for dry lips
  • And didn’t make dry lips even worst
  • Has a lot variety of colors 

Cons :

  • Not a long lasting liptick

I will repurchase in another shade ^^

See you in my next post beautifuls :*

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