Friday, June 20, 2014

Calligraphic Face Makeup Collaboration

Hai beautifuls

I'm back with another makeup collaboration, yeayy..

and this theme is "Calligraphic Face"

I make this collaboration with most talented girls from Indonesian Beauty Blogger, ce Irene and Wulan. I know you have heard most of their name and yes most visisted their blogs.

 For me, ce Irene and Wulan are very talented. Not only doing makeup for make girls even more beautiful, but also talented in make art makeup

so here we are

Irene from 

Wulan from 

and me ^^ 

Ce Irene, ask me to make this calligraphic face collaboration. I don't have any idea how to do, and ce Irene draw me this. Awesome right? so I try to recreate from ce Irene face chart.

Honestly, I don't have enough confidence with two beauty blogger. Their calligraphic face are so beautiful.The face chart ce Irene gave me are so beautiful, only me who can't make it into reallity. hihihii..

I think I should learn most from them :)

Here is my calligraphic face beautifuls..

I hope you like it. And yes, I will practice more and more to get more accurate and sharp calligraphic. hihihihii..

don't forget to check out their blog. Their makeup are so awesome, and you will love their blog as much as I do ;)

and thank you so much ce Irene for ask me to join this makeup collaboration, for face chart, for make the poster, and for the editing photo. Thank you so much ce :*

and to Wulan thank you so much for this awesome collaboration ^^

Thank you so much beautifuls for stop by in my blog

wait me for another makeup collaboration, hihihihii..

stay beautiful :*


  1. Keren banget sayy. Btw gambarnya pake apa ?

    Cek my latest post ya, aku ada review eyeliner pencil dari maxfactor :)

    1. makasih banyak sabine :*
      aku pake eyeliner pen mizzu yang black :)

      siaapp.. meluncur ke blog kamu yaa ^^

  2. Kak manda, bannernya sama kayak blogku dulu :D untung udah ganti aku hehehe :D cakep bgt kak kaligrafinya, rapiiihhhh ^^

    1. iya anggie.. yang owl kan? aku dapet di the cutest blog on the block. hihihii..
      tapi sekarang aku udah ganti yang polos - polos aja
      aku suka tema yg hitam putih, cuma susah nyari yg free :D
      aaaa makasih ya anggie :*

  3. You're so talented! Aku makeup biasa aja masih mesti belajar bangettt :D


    1. aku juga masih belajar mitch, heheheee
      makasih banyak micth :*


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