Tuesday, June 10, 2014

bowbowdorable.blogspot.com Giveaway ^^

Hi beautifuls

This post I dedicated to write about Auzola from www.bowbowdorable.blogspot.com giveaway ^^
who's love giveaway? me, and I'm sure you always love giveaway ;)

Auzola does this giveaway to celebrate her 2 month anniversary of her blog. Congratulation Ola :*
You can check how to join her giveaway here

Also, you will love her blog. Because Ola didn't only create makeup, but she also create fantasy makeup. Like fairy, maleficent, queen elsa from frozen movie, and many more. She is a cosplayer too. You will love to find many things in her blog :)

In this giveaway, Ola ask her giveaway participant to create one of makeup she did. So I decided to re-create Mardi Grass Makeup she did. But unfortunately, I don't have gold pigmented eyeshadow. So the colors didn't really appears in the photos :(
You can check how Ola did her Mardi Grass Makeup look here

This is Ola actually picture. I took from her blog. She is awesome, right? ;)

And this is me :D

Overall, I love my Mardi Grass makeup look re-create from Ola Mardi Grass makeup look. Eventough the gold eyeshadow didn't really appears, I still love it ^_^

That's all beautifuls. Wish me luck for the giveaway. And don't forget to check out her awesome blog www.bowbowdorable.blogspot.com

Stay beautifuls,


  1. Face art gitu pakein merk apa ya??


    1. hai bebe, makasih yaa udah mampir di blog aku ^^
      kalo untuk ini aku pake eyeshadow bh cosmetics yg 120 warna


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