Monday, June 30, 2014

Open my pouch : Giveaway gift from Auzola ^^

Aloha bautifuls.. 

 This post I make for open pouch Auzola gave me as gift giveaway for celebrate her blog. You can read about my entry for her giveaway here

And Alhamdulillah, I won Auzola giveaway as her second winner, and she sent me the mysterious pouch. I said mysterious, because she doesn’t tell what products she will give, just said “pouch with two make over produts inside”. Wow, how curious I’m :D

 If you don’t know about Make Over, Make Over is an Indonesian makeup brand. With variety of choose, reasonable price, and yes of course great quality. So I was excited when I won Auzola giveaway ^^ 

Ola (Auzola nick name) also ask me in email, to make post about her giveaway. Since it was “mysterious pouch” she wants everyone that join her giveaway to know what Make Over Products I got. So here we are. Let’s open the pouch ;) 

As you can see, inside the pouch are :
  • Ovale facial mask
  • Sample Etude House milk talk
  • Sample Tony Moly sleeping pack
  • Unbranded false eyelashes
  • Two Make Over products
  • And letter from Ola ^^
Let’s see, what's Make Over products I got. Tadaaaaa… 

Waaaw I got Make Over Trivia Eyeshadow in nude spell, and Make Over Lip Balm in melon crazy >,<
I will make first impression about these Make Over products, before I make a review. Because review, will take a long to post before. Like what happened if you use for a long day, or suitable in your skin or not, and something like that. But I can’t wait my self to post it later, so I post now, and change the review into first impression :D

Make Over Trivia Eyeshadow in Nude Spell 

As you can see, the packaging are very elegant. From good quality of plastic. This eyeshadow contains three colors : matte white, shimmer champagne, and matte dark brown. 

 Swatches without any eye primer 

What I love : 
  • The package are tough. I will not afraid if this eyeshadow fall, because the hard case makes me feel safe
  • Nude colors. Pretty and can use in everday makeup
  • Easy to blend
  • No fall out

What I don’t like :
The matte white and shimmer champagne are not very pigmented. But I swatched it in my hand without any eye primer. I will try soon with eye primer, and hope these colors will be more pigmented and vibrant ^^

Make Over Lip Balm in Melon Crazy 

When I opened the pot, I was shocked. It’s smell juts like real Melon. Real MELON. I love it sooo much. Feels just like I put Melon in my lips :D

What I love :
  • The package are tough
  • This lip balm makes my lips smooth and moist
  • The melon smell are very delicious

What I don’t like :
-          NO :) 

I love so much this balm. And makes me feeling guilty to use it. Because I don't want to make the lip balm empty, Hehehhehee.. 

Thank you so much Ola, to gave me these amazing products. Actually I’m not a natural-eyeshadow-lover. I prefer to have some bold eyeshadow colors. Because one of my eye are bigger that the other, so I prefer to do smokey eyes to hide it. But this products change my mind. I will try to make a natural look (or maybe smokey brown eyes :D ) with this Make Over trivia eyeshadow, and I will post soon in my blog ^^ 

So here is my post. I will you love and enjoy what I wrote. And I’m very happy if my post will be your references to buy Make Over product. Please tell me which Make Over products do you love, I will happy to try on me :) 

Thank you so much beautifuls to stop on my blog, and yes, stay beautiful :*

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