Sunday, June 29, 2014

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Swatches : Milan, Monte Carlo, Addis Ababa

Aloha beautifuls..

This post will be a quick post. I want to share swatches of NYX soft matte lip cream.  This shade is : Milan, Addis Ababa, and Monte Carlo. 

I took the pic in NYX counter makeup for NYX Selfie Compettion. But I don't win :( 
but never mind, I love doing makeup and yes I'm still love NYX. Their soft matte lip cream are awesome ^^ 

so here are the swatches in my lips. I hope you like it and take it as references. and because I love the shade soo much, I bought NYX soft matte lip cream in Addis Ababa and NYX round lipstick in tea rose. Will review you soon :*

So here are the swatches ;)

NYX soft matte lip cream Milan 

NYX soft matte lip cream Monte Carlo 

NYX soft matte lip cream Addis Ababa

I don't have any idea why I pose "ducking face" more than one times? :D

so I think this NYX soft matte lip cream are really really beautifuls. The shade are very pigmented. Waterproof. And very comfort in my dry lips. Not make my lips become more drier. I love this lip cream, and plan to have all the shade. Oh ya you can buy it in NYX studio or NYX counter for about Rp 100.000,- (about 8 USD)

Thank you so much beautifuls, see you soon :*


  1. Cantik say warnanya ^^

  2. Manda, kok yang warna addis ababa gak ngejereng ya di aku T_T
    di kamu terang banget

    1. masa sih esy? aku dulu nyobain addis ababa pas iseng main ke counternya NYX. dan menurut aku sih ini warna shocking pink yang yesss bangeeet. hihihii..
      coba aah aku mampir ke review kamu ^_^


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