Sunday, April 20, 2014


Aloha beautifuls ;)

as usually, every month Indonesia Beauty Blogger as known as IBB has an event, and yes it's Makeup Challenge
and this month, IBB featuring Make Over Indonesia dare you to take a part in this Makeup Challenge with theme "Find your color signature". Details here 
 Well, at first saw this, I don't know a thing what to do, hihihii
I love red, and I think red is my color signature
but if only red the colors I put on my face, I think it will be a bit weird :(

and I think again, what I love the most about the colors, and yes I love bright colors

so my colors signature is "Bright Colors"

and Make Over Indonesia has this beautiful palette. Contained matte, pigmented, and bright colors. Woowwwwwwww I love it

The winner of this makeup challenge, will get this palette from Make Over Indonesia
How lucky!!

Although I want so badly with this palette, I don't push my self too hard

I love the bright color, and yes I love make up challenge ;)

if I don't win in this makeup challenge, It's will be ok (I'm still learn how to makeup btw), but I still want to get Make Over Palette, hihihihii :D. I think I should sale some of my items to get this cutest one >,<

You can click here, so see the swatch of this Perfect Matte Eyeshadow Palette from Iva Blog ^^

I made this look last minute before the makeup challenge closed
and because I made this look in the evening, so my digital camera took the photos with flash
so the photos a little bit different with the actual look I made
(and oh yeah I had pimples too. the flash make my pimples a little bit disappear #LOL)

actually I use pink fuschia and purple color in the outer V, and gold in the middle of my eyelids
but in photos it's like red with yellow in the middle of my eyelids
oke never mind
at least I try my best to make this look ^^

and ya here I'm :D

thank you so much beautifuls to read my post, and good luck to everyone who take a part in this makeup challenge ^^v


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