Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Balm Voyage Makeup Challange

Hai beautifuls, 

This post I decided to join The Balm Indonesia Makeup Challenge, yipiii…

The Balm Indonesia, Lotte Avenue, and Chell Sanjaya from Polished Wonderland challenge you to create make look inspired from 5 countries in The Balm Voyage package which is America, Italy, Trans-Australian Railway, Istanbul, and Manila and give the reason why you choose the country. There will be 3 winner and the first winner will get this amazing The Balm Voyage. How I adore this palette and want to have it >,< 

if you are curious about this palette, you can search the review in makeup and beauty blog

Firstly I thought to create all the countries. But then I just can make four makeup look, except manila. 

Firstly I choosed America. Why America? Because America is my dream country. Oke who doesn’t want to go there? None. Everyone want to go there just like I’m. We got inspired of fashion, makeup, life style, and more from America. And of course America is the country where The Balm Makeup born ;) 

My America makeup look inspired from the flag. Blue and red colors, so here is the look

Second, I choosed Trans-Australian Railway. Why? Because I think this country is warm and exotic. I try to make a liner blue eyes inspired from the sky, and orange lips inspired from the warm ground. 

Third, I choose Istanbul. Why Istanbul? I love this country because Istanbul is where the west culture meet east culture. We can see from the building in Turkey to represent the east meet west culture. Because Istabul is one of the Arabic Country, I try to create the Arabic look ;) 

 If you love my eyes, and want to know what the contact lenses I use, you can see my post here 

And the last, I choosed Italy. Because Italy is so romantic. Romeo and Julliet story is came from Italy. So I decided to make a romantic look inspired from Italy. So I draw two couples with night Italy scene as the background. This is the firs time I draw in my palpebra. I think it’s very fun and challenging. And ya of course I should learn more to make a perfect drawing ^^v 

So here is beautifuls my makeup look for The Balm Voyage Makeup Challenge. Wish me luck and stay beautifuls :* 


  1. Manda gw suka yg make up no 1 n 2..yg pertama warnanya eyecatching, yg kedua aku suka sualnya natural tapi tetep keliatan eyeshadow nya... eh, btw ini pengumuman pemenangnya kapan ya?
    good luck yaaa

    1. makasih imelda.. aku juga suka makeup kamu yang "america-rock" itu, hehehee.. essedo merahnya cakepp bangeettt >,<
      tadi liat di timelinenya lotte, katanya pengumumannya besok (tanggal 15) tapi dari timeline nya the balm id akan diumumkan minggu ini, tapi belum dikasih tau tanggal pastinya. I wish luck for us ^^


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