Sunday, April 13, 2014

Freshkon Dezigner Aqua Solitaire Review

Hai beautifuls ;) 

Today I want to make a review about contact lenses. Actually I’m not using contact lenses every single day, because I have normal eyes. And I’m not a contact lenses lovers because my eyes are very sensitive, so contact lenses are not a “must-have-things” for me. But this products change my mind. 

4 years ago, I try to using contact lenses. Because my sister wear it, and it came very suitable on her eyes, so I decided to buy. I forgot what the brand of lenses I bought. When I try to put the contact lenses in my eyes, my eyes became redness and itchy. From that moment I never buy any contact lenses.  

Time goes by, and now when I see other beauty blogger, or eye makeup tutorial, contact lenses make the eyes very “POP”. I want to try again using it, but I’m a little bit afraid if my eyes became redness and itchy again. 

Well maybe the luck is in my side, I got a pairs of contact lenses from Freshkon. I got it from regram contest in freshkon instagram to celebrate their new Instagram account, they called it "Freshkon Dezigner Solitaire Series". Freshkon allow the winner to choose the shades. They offer two shades, aqua solitaire and orange solitaire. I choosed aqua solitaire. 

And here is the specification of the “Freshkon Dezigner Solitaire” : 

Actually, “Freshkon Dezigner Solitaire” has 4 variant shades. Aqua Solitaire, Orange Solitaire, Pink Solitaire, and Green Solitaire. But unfortunately in Indonesia only available 3 shades except Green Solitaire. 

Freshkon claim pink solitaire will make you feel like princess. Orange solitaire will make feel warm and aqua solitaire will make you feel like the ocean, safe and deep. 

Am I agree? Lets find out 

When I first put the contact lenses in my eyes, I’m so afraid if my eyes will come redness and itchy. But freshkon make my afraid gone. No redness, no itchy, I just have to blink couple times to make my eyes feel comfortable with them. 

My first tough when I saw the contact lenses, I just think the colors of the lenses are so soft. I think the colors will not make a huge different in my eyes. But I’m totally wrong. 

My bare eyes 

The colors are so pretty. I’m definitely fall in love. The colors soft but still make my eyes POP. When I saw in the mirror, my eyes so stand out and I realize the effect came because the solitaire design. Love it 

And with flash camera, the contact lenses are freaking amazing. Make my eyes like a doll >,<

If you thinking about enlarger contact lenses, this is not the one. But you will love it because the pattern and the colors, make your eyes fabulous. Oh ya the “Freshkon Dezigner Solitaire Series” using only for 1 month. After 1 month, you should replace it. 

Here is my eye makeup using these lenses 

However, I’m freaking in love with these contact lenses. And can’t help my self to try the Orange Solitaire and Pink Solitaire. 

Freshkon lenses available in major optical store. This dezigner solitaire series sells for Rp 155.000,-. A worth and reasonable price for the beautiful lenses like this ;) 

Also don’t forget to keep in touch with Freshkon, because they have more and more offer for contact lenses lover. Like Freshkon in Facebook, Follow Freshkon in Instagram and Twitter.

Oh ya I got one more Freshkon lenses but in other series. I got Freshkon Alluring Eys and I choose “Mystical Black”. The lenses are in the way to my home, I will post in the blog soon the package arrived in my home, so stay tuned ;) 

Thank you so much Freshkon for giving me this amazing lenses :* 


  1. Freshkon is one of my favorite. But there's also some comfy japan lenses in sale for sensitive eyes with lotsa' color and diameter.

    1. Hai ninneta, this is the first time I try using contact lenses (after the itchy-redness things) and I'm obviously fall in love with freshkon :D

      waww I will be search for those lenses. Can you give me the brand? I'm sure will make a try
      thank you ninneta for stopping by in my blog :*


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