Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Liebster Award Nominated

Hallo beautifuls ;) 

For this post, I will using English because I want everyone to know about this. My English is not very good by the way, so if you find terrible language, just tell me I will happy for it ;)

In this post, I was nominated for Liebster Award from Silver Treasure by my beautiful blogger friend, Imelda. I really really thank to her for nominate me in this Liebster Award. You can check her blog here A Chick With Lipstick 

What is Liebster Award? At first time I saw Imelda mentioned that I got this nominated, I was thinking “what is Liebster Award?” I’m new in blogger, and I don’t know a thing about Liebster Award :D
Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is said that the Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogsphere
So here are the rules for Liebster Award:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  2. Display the award on your blog ( just like I did above)
  3. Answer 11 question about yourself, which will be provided to yo bu the person who nominated you
  4. provide 11 random facts about yourself
  5. nominate 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve the award ( who has a less than 200 followers)
  6. Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer
  7. list these rules in your post ( you can copy and paste from here)
  8. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (because they might not have ever heard of it)
And here is the question Imelda made for everyone in her nominated list (and sure I should answer this :D) 

1. How long you do your make up ever day?
I just take 15 – 30 minutes for everyday makeup. Because for everyday look I just took simple makeup look. I only put moisturizer, powder or bb cream sometimes, and nude lipstick. For the pimples? Yes let’s the world see my pimples *LOL* because I don’t want to hide it, I want to face it ;)

2. What's your struggle as a beauty blogger?

As beauty blogger, I’m struggling to my imperfections. When I saw the other beauty blogger, I love how they have perfectly arched eyebrow, or amazing eyeshadow blending. As a newbie in beauty blogger, my skill and my knowledge in  beauty-makeup-world is a less. Sometimes I feel shame when I post my makeup look in my blog. But then I think again, everything has an own process. You will never going pro before you came as an amateur. And the I will try to learn learn and learn again to improve my skill and my knowledge. Wish me luck ^^ 

3. What's your favorite thing to post in your blog?

Anything that quirky, extraordinary, and out of the box
I love to create makeup look, or face painting, that maybe “a bit weird” for some people toughts, but amazing in my mind :D
Yes I know that quirky makeup look, can’t do in everyday makeup. And because it can’t do in daily makeup look, blog and social media are my place to create this things 

4. Who's favorite Indonesia Beauty Blogger?

My favorite Indonesia Beauty Blogger is Cheryl Raissa ^^
Honestly, I started to enter beauty blogger is because I saw Cheryl blog. I love how she did her makeup. I always fall in love in her makeup look. You can check Cheryl blog here 

5. Who's movie character that has similar personality with you?

Maybe Jamie Sullivan in A Walk To Remember. This is the best romantic movie I’ve ever seen. And after I watched this, Nicholas Spark is my favorite romantic novel ;)

Jamie is charm, smart, religious, has best friends and haters too, but she also really like make a friend with everyone. But ya, I’m no exactly like Jamie. But I loved her. I think her personality a quite similar to me in making a lot of friend. How I love to know and make friend with everyone ^^

6. Perfect nose shape or perfect mouth shape?

Perfect mouth shape. No, I don’t have a perfect mouth shape neither nose shape. But I think if you have imperfect nose shape, you can contour your nose to appear more slimmer and yes perfect ^^v

7. What beauty product that you use every single day?

Powder. And my favorite one was the old one. Marcs. I think everyone know this brand
I love this powder because it has light texture. So I don’t worry if this powder make my acne more inflamed. And yes it’s cheap ;) 

8. What's you childhood dream?

Meet Westlife. Hahahhaaa.. I know Westlife disbanded. But until today, I still love them. Especially Mark :*

When I child I grow with Westlife songs. And make me want to meet them (at least meet Mark). When they make concert in Jakarta, my mom didn’t allow me to go. She always has bad think about concert. And meet Westlife (and Mark of course) still be my dream. 

9. What's your guilty pleasure?

Sleeping late :D

Sleeping late make me feeling guilty. Everyone know that sleeping late make your face older than your age, worst your dark circle, and many more.
But I loved sleeping late because I love blogging, I love search more and more what I interest (the most of makeup tutorial) in google.

My new year resolution for this year is sleeping early. I hope I can make it ^^

10. What's you biggest personality traits?

I’m a friendly person. My family, my friends tell me that I can “click” with people I’d barely knew her/him. Maybe because I always talk much, hahhaha
As often happened is friend of my friend be my friends too. I love to meet, and talk with everyone ^^ 

11. What make up trend that makes you cringe?
Guy liner. I can’t described but I think it’s really no no 

11 random facts about me 

1. I’m a Herpetophobia (fear of reptiles, but more accurately snakes and lizards). Not only the “real” snake and lizards, I’m also fear of anything about them. Like toy, ring, or snake skin wallet/bags. I don’t want to touch them. 
(and I don't want to put the pic here, errrr.. ) 
2. My big dream is going to Disneyland 

3. I have scar in my right arms (I think caused of vaccination) and the shape its like curfe of a moon. When I’m a little girl, I think I’m a part of sailor moon because that scar #LOL 

4. I never go out without my tumbler 

5. My BF now is my elementary school mate and I start to like him when I’m in fifth grade. Centil ya kecil kecil udah suka-sukaan :P

6. There isn’t food I don’t like. Semuanya aku suka (aku makan). Sea food, ayam, ikan, bebek, semuanyaa. Tapi yang emang wajar dimakan ya (pantesan gembul) 

7. I got asthma. My trigger of asthma are cough and house dust. I’m avoid cough and house dust as I can. That’s why I don’t like sweeping (emang males :D) 

8. I’m also allergic (my skin going to itch and redness) to non-gold-jewelry. It's called Dermatitis Contact Allergic. Either is ring, bracelet, necklace, or watch. Because of that I don’t wear any of them

9. If I’m in holiday, only in my house not going anywhere, I only take a bath once in a day (jangan ditiru :D) 

10. I love face painting and sfx makeup recently. And keep asking my self why Mehron, Diamond FX, Wolfie, Ben Nye, are not available in Indonesia? Can you suggest me how can I got them in here?

11. Ngga hanya cewe yang jago dandan, cowo juga banyak yg jago mainin alat makeup. And here is 3 man beauty vlogger I love  

     Wayne Goss. I think you know him very well. Wayne is a one of the best beauty guru in youtube with his tips and tricks. You can also check his channel in here 

     Michael James. Maybe some of you know him, and some not. Michael also has a channel in youtube. His makeup are quirky, colorfull sometimes, bold, and extraordinary. I love. You can check his channel in here

   Emanuele Castelli. His eye makeup is freaking amazing. You should check his channel here

and here is my nominated for the Liebster Award. If there is nominated before, I’m sorry :( 

  1. Yuni Usmanda – Yuniquely Beaute
  2. Yunda Prameidita – Beauty is You
  3. Nessya Arnelitha – Fabulous Hunney Diary
  4. Ikrima Mishaila – Ice Cream Daily 
  5. Hani – Nona Hikaru Beauty Blog
  6. Monica Dian Novelia Jatmiko – Fairy Tale
  7. Chandra Wulan – Make Up Lover Me
  8. Rere Dini – Makeup Addict Diary
  9. Hanna Masita – Mapassionne
  10. Meilinda Ayu Pratami – Welcome to Aline’s Blog
  11.  Anisa Firdausi – Beauty not The Beast  

Ok, and then here is my question for you dear ;) 
  1. Tell me what is your biggest dream?
  2. Red lipstick or orange lipstick?
  3. Who are your beauty icon for all of time
  4. Have you been bullied?
  5. What / who inspired you to become a beauty blogger?
  6. What is your favorite beauty items and why?
  7. Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence?
  8. Who is your favorite fashion guru? Blogger or celebrities or anyone inspired you in fashion
  9. Wearing a high brand products but “KW” or wearing original product but non-high-brand?
  10. What is your most shoes do you have? Flat, sandal, wedges, or stiletto?
  11. What is your bad habbit? 
I hope you enjoy this post and make your own. It's very fun to do and a bit challenging I think ;) 
Please tell me if you done make about the Liebster Award, I'm sure I will go to your blog as soon as I can 

and thank you again to Imelda to nominated me in Liebster Awards 

Thank you ladies, and stay beautiful :* 


  1. Thank you thank you for nominating me in this Liebster Awards.
    Anyway, may I ask your mail address? I'm new in this award-thingy so I have a few question :)
    thank you ;)

    1. Hai hana, you're welcome dear ;)
      my email address : , but you can also sent me a message in facebook, I will loved too ^^
      btw, I'm also new in this award-things. But I hope I can help you with this :D

  2. Kak Manda makasih ya awardnya ^^ Ini udah aku jawab pertanyaannya hehehe

    1. yuni, makasih banyak yaa udah jawab semua pertanyaan aku.. any update I will inform.. sekali lagi makasih banyak yaaa :*


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