Thursday, April 17, 2014

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24Hr Tenacious Teal Review

Hallo beautifuls..

Today I want to make a product review. Because it's quite long I didn't make a review, well here is one :)

Start of googling and youtube-ing every night to find pigmented eyeshadow that friendly with my wallet (LOL), I know you will suggest me with Sugarpill. I love them so much and also try to saving my money to get one of them. But now I try to find another options to get pigmented eyeshadow.

And  I found Destiny Godley channel. And yes I'm obviously fall in love with her videos. She has dark skin but her eyeshadow always pop. Always. And fortunately, she make a video "bright eyeshadow tips" to everyone to make their eyeshadow pop, bright, and pigmented.

She said, instead using eye base, you can use cream color eyeshadow to make  the color pigmented and pop. And I thinking, what product I can try to? So I choosed Maybelline color tattoo 24hr to try are Destiny tips work for me or not :D

I choosed shade Tenacious Teal (honestly I want to try Too Cool, but the shade is not available in Indonesia), so I choosed this shade. An electric blue color and I fall in love with this color from the first sight.

Why Maybelline called this color tattoo 24hr? because Maybelline claimed this product will stay longer and longer in your eyelid for 24hr and I'm agreed with that!! This product not creasing at all in my oily-eyelids. I try to use it at last 8 hours and this color tattoo stay well in my eyelids.

You can use this color tattoo alone along in your eyelids, or you can use it as color base if you want to make blue or aqua eyeshadow makeup.

I bought this Rp 65.000,- or about 6 USD and I glad to this product. Love it so much. And I decide to buy in another shade. I'm freaking love them >.<

Pros :
- Stay in my oily - eyelids
- Pigmented 
- Reasonable price

Cons :
- Hard to blend with brush. I Apply the color tattoo with my finger to my eyelids
- Only 5 shades availabe in Indonesia :  Tenacious Teal, Painted Purple, Bad to the Bronze, Bold Gold, Tough as Toupe. Of course I can make Pre-Order in some online shops that offer Maybelline color tattoo 24hr in another shade, but it will cost you more than Rp 65.000,- (because of the shipping and tax)

I hope Maybelline will add the shades of Color Tattoo 24Hr in Indonesia. I believe everyone who falls in love with this color tattoo will waiting for it as much as I do.

Here is my FOTD using Tenacious Teal. I only using it alone in my eyelids.

Hope this review helpful for you. If you ever try this color tattoo, tell me which shade did you try I will love to try too :D

Thank you so much ladies. Love and stay beautiful :*


  1. love how you mix and match the outfit with your eyeshadow color.


    1. aaaaa thank you mitch for came in my blog. I'll follow you
      do you mind to follow each other?

      Thank you Mitch :*

  2. produk ini emang bagus banget ya ;)

    1. iyaa dear bagus banget. semoga review aku bermanfaat yaa ^^


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